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At ACE Travel Management ATG UK we know that business travel is very different from your standard vacation. It requires more planning, more dedication, and, very often, the stakes are a lot more important.

So why should you expect your business travel insurance to be pedestrian when your trip is anything but?

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You need a business travel insurance policy that works for your organisation and your travellers when organising and carrying out a business trip. This policy should protect you from the worst-case scenario and give your travellers the assurance they need to finish the task at hand.

ACE Travel Management has partnered with Campbell Irvine to provide our customers with peace of mind when travelling. Our years of business travel management experience, combined with Campbell Irvine’s excellent packages, can help protect your company and its employees while travelling.

We understand that getting the most travel insurance coverage for the least amount of money is critical to making business trip travel insurance work. It ensures that your company is ready for anything and that your travel budget is kept under control.

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What Is Business Cover Travel Insurance?

Business travel insurance offers coverage when you travel for business rather than holidays. These policies offer things like medical coverage as well as insurance on lost luggage or cancellations.

Is business travel insurance different from travel insurance?

Whilst business travel and holiday travel insurance both ensure coverage when it comes to medical, lost luggage and cancellations, business travel insurance often takes much more planning and dedication due to higher stakes.

Do I need business travel insurance?

If you’re going abroad, it’s important to protect what’s important to you. For holidays, this is usually your luggage, cancellations and medical care – should you need it. Whilst for business travel, insurance is important to care for your employees, as well as your business. Not only is it important to get business travel insurance, but you should also make sure you’re getting the right coverage for your business from the right people.

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