Sports travel management

Focus on the field rather than how to get there.

When travelling for sports events, keeping your mind focused on the trip’s aim is essential, which means removing any additional worries and tasks.

That’s where ACE Travel Management ATG UK comes in. With the aid of technology and our team of experienced travel specialists, we’ll help you meet and exceed your sports travel management needs.

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Success comes from teamwork

Your athletes and players are the most valuable asset to your business, so making sure that they are safe and secure when travelling to and from an important fixture or event is paramount to your company.

The safety of your employees is as important to us as it is to you. Our creative sports travel management service includes a 24-hour emergency contact line and traveller monitoring, as well as comprehensive traveller profiling systems that comply with data protection regulations.

At ACE Travel Management ATG UK, we have a thorough grasp of the sports travel management sector and its issues, so we can ensure that your players are well cared for while also providing various advantages to your company. Do you need to book a quick flight from point A to point B? We’ll sort it out. Do you need assistance keeping your employees safe and compliant? We can assist you.

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Accredited by some of the world’s biggest travel groups

We know travel, and we know your goals.

Knowing which hotels are nearest to the stadium is one thing. It’s another matter to determine whether they’re appropriate for your player’s individual requirements. That kind of expertise can only be acquired after decades of experience. With 30 years of corporate travel management experience, ACE Travel Management ATG UK is ideally qualified to assist you with your sports travel management needs.

Our team works together with you to fully understand your organisation’s strategic travel management goals. To accomplish and exceed those goals, we’ll implement policy recommendations such as budget management, VIP treatment, policy adherence, and duty of care solutions.

Beyond helping you save money, our dedicated team will be able to share best practice advice, conduct diligence checks, provide support if something goes wrong, and provide an online employee tracking solution. We do everything we can to keep your people safe.

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Delivering excellence in travel management

Your challenges, our solutions

Real-time reporting? Expense management solutions? 24/7 emergency travel assistance? We’ve got you covered.
Our comprehensive corporate and group travel solutions give the required logistical assistance to promote success, whether it’s matchday travel, competitions and training camps, or attending a corporate hospitality event.

With over 30 years of business and sports travel management experience working with companies in a variety of industries, we are well-equipped to help your organisation make good decisions!

Check out our technology

We take the stress out of sports travel management by providing user-friendly mobile booking tools, group logistics management, real-time traveller tracking, and reporting.

Our clients have access to proprietary travel management tools, which automate internal processes and provide sophisticated reporting capabilities, allowing you and your teams to enjoy dependable, accessible, and intuitive travel experiences before, during, and after their trip.

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What separates sports travel management from regular travel management?

Assisting sporting teams with travel is essential to peak performance. While regular travel management involves managing flights, taxis, travel needs, emergency solutions and much more, sports travel management involves the same, plus handling of athletes, venues, training facilities and much more.

Why should I choose ACE Travel Management?

Travel management is a sector which requires experience; which is something ACE has in abundance. Over 30 years of expert know-how stems from our corporate travel management solutions, and has strongly informed and strengthened our sports travel management offering. From VIP services to duty of care protections, our priority will always be you. As ATG’s sole UK representative, we are able to leverage our global contacts to provide a more cost-effective service than many of our competitors.

Can I manage my own sports travel management?

While it isn’t impossible, it will end up being more expensive and time-consuming than engaging the services of a professional service provider. Sports travel management has numerous facets including maintaining cost-effectiveness, logistics, access to athlete facilities and much more. Managing sports travel is a complex web that requires experience and numerous hands to facilitate smoothly and without issues.

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