The Global Business Travel Review 2024

The Advantage Travel Partnership, Travelogix, and ACE Travel Management have joined forces once again to deliver the sixth annual Global Business Travel Review. This comprehensive report dives into the data and insights shaping the business travel landscape today.

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A tale of two halves

2023 in Review: We analyse the past year’s trends and behaviours to understand what drove business travel in 2023.

2024 and Beyond: We forecast industry trends, explore emerging travel habits, and unveil the key factors influencing business travel in the coming year.

Featuring valuable perspectives

  • The Advantage Travel Partnership’s global network: Members share their real-world experiences from 2023 and offer projections for 2024.
  • Industry experts: Renowned contributors across the business travel ecosystem provide insights into specific categories and the broader industry outlook.

Dive into the Global Business Travel Review and gain the knowledge you need to navigate the ever-evolving world of business travel.

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