Founder Sarah Wilson shares thoughts on LCCI Report: ‘Green skies – Supporting the Aviation Sector to Decarbonise’

London Chamber of Commerce has released its report: ‘Green skies – Supporting the Aviation Sector to Decarbonise’, and our very own founder Sarah Wilson has shared her insights.

The report highlights the contributions of the aviation industry to the local, London and national economies – as well as an insight into the efforts being made to decarbonise the sector, and the steps needed to further accelerate the transition to a more sustainable aviation industry.

“According to Sustainable Aviation, SAF can reduce lifecycle carbon emissions by at least 70% compared to fossil fuels. It presents an opportunity to start having an immediate impact on UK aviation emissions by the mid-2020s and reduce aviation emissions by at least 32% in 2050.”

As a leading business travel management company in the UK, ACE Travel Management is passionate about making travel more sustainable. We work closely with our clients to help make their travel programmes more environmentally responsible. Reports like this are valuable resources to gain new insight from and understand how stakeholders across the industry can help build a better future for travel.

Sarah Wilson offered her thoughts “Off-setting is all very well but we must now heed advice of the experts for the future of decarbonisation of travel, simply saying, don’t travel is not an option that is either desirable or economically viable”.

Dive into the report here: